Suffrage in Stitches

June 11, 2016

Join us on Saturday, June 11, from 10am to 11am, as Katherine Durack, Ph.D., shares information about her project, Suffrage in Stitches, and its ties to the centennial celebration of suffrage. During her talk, Dr. Durack will:

  • Tell of the inspiration for the project — the unique connection between crochet and woman suffrage in political cartoons and writings, and the coincidence that crochet instructions coincided with the time frame of the woman suffrage movement
  • Describe the aims of the project— Suffrage in Stitches is a 5-year research, design, and teaching project to commemorate and raise awareness of the women who committed their lives so we could have the right to vote, as well as raising awareness of historic sites and encouraging participation in the project.
  • Show images and tell stories that inspire the designs– Dr. Durack will show images of the women, artifacts, and events that have inspired the designs created to date, and share, very briefly, their stories.
  • Forecast future designs– Dr. Durack will also show photos of — and ask for audience suggestions for — women and events to study in the coming years.

Pattern sales to benefit NWP
The pattern is available for sale online in June, with proceeds to be donated to NWP.

Free and open to the public, please RSVP here