Alice Award 2010 – Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives

September 22, 2010

On September 22nd, the Sewall-Belmont House & Museum presented the Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, with the Alice Award. Celebrated for shattering the glass ceiling and becoming the first female leader of a major political party and the first female Speaker of the House, Speaker Pelosi’s accomplishments are signs to young women and girls, especially those in attendance at the luncheon Wednesday, that women can be leaders, women can break boundaries, and women can rise to the top in the political, corporate, and philanthropic industries.

In her remarks, Speaker Pelosi referenced the 90th anniversary of suffrage this past August, and encouraged guests to honor Alice Paul and the women who made history. “Today, all of us carry on their legacy. That means raising our voices on behalf of all Americans, fostering the next generation of leadership by America’s women, and always using the right to vote,” said Speaker Pelosi.

The luncheon and the celebration of the 90th anniversary this year provided those at the luncheon with a reason to celebrate, but Speaker Pelosi reminded guests that there is still progress to be made toward equality.

“Nine decades after women became full partners at the ballot box, we still make up just 17 percent of both the House and Senate. We must keep fighting to elect more committed, passionate women leaders to public office,” said the Speaker.

“For women at all income levels to succeed in their jobs, we must address the availability of quality, affordable child care. Together, let us support the motto: ‘families earning, children earning.’ After going to battle for equal rights in all facets of life, women still earn 77 cents for every dollar men make.”

Though there is still work to be done before women achieve equality, Speaker Pelosi reminded everyone that women have leaders like Alice Paul to inspire them to “Take their seats at the table of power.” It was inspiring to then watch the Speaker take her seat at the table with her daughter and granddaughter, both guests for the luncheon program. Role models like Speaker Pelosi prove to young women at the luncheon and everywhere that a woman’s place is in power.

Speaker Pelosi with the Alice Award

Speaker Pelosi receiving the Alice Award

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