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Nina Evans Allender – Official Cartoonist for the National Woman’s Party
Nina Allender was the official cartoonist for the National Woman’s Party. She contributed over 150 cartoons to the suffrage campaign, mostly original drawings created for The Suffragist, the weekly publication of the National Woman’s Party from 1913 until 1921, and later its successor, Equal Rights, published from 1923 until 1954.

Allender’s cartoons were instrumental in changing the mainstream image of the suffragist as unattractive, selfish and rowdy to one who was young, slender and energetic – a capable woman with an intense commitment to the cause. This suffragist image, titled the “Allender Girl”, appeared in many of Allender’s cartoons. Today she is considered one of the most significant political artists of the era, capturing the spirited struggle for women’s rights as it happened and providing a unique window into this intense chapter in women’s history.

Allender gave the majority of the cartoons she drew during this time to the National Woman’s Party; at this point it is believed that the NWP houses the only collection of Nina Allender cartoons.

Help Preserve These Artifacts Today!
The “Adopt-an-Allender” campaign allows you to sponsor a cartoon with a donation of $250 for individual donors and $500 for corporate donors.

Many of these cartoons, sketches on paper, are critically in need of conservation. Conservation includes cleaning, repairing any losses of the paper, and stabilization of the original drawings. Your contribution to our Allender fund can help underwrite the cost of conserving the cartoons to preserve these images for future generations to view.

The benefits of sponsorship include:
• Recognition of your adoption displayed alongside the cartoon in the Museum and if the original is lent out for exhibit
• An 8 x 10 print of the adopted Allender
• An adoption certificate

The Allender cartoons listed below are examples of the images that are available for adoption:

1916: The Suffragists Leap Year
Suffragist – “If he doesn’t stop talking and come in, his dinner will be spoiled.”
Congress Returns to Washington
The Democratic Car System
Making the Russian Envoys Feel at Home
The NWP in 1923 Presents to Congress the Principles of Equal Rights Formulated in 1848

In addition, we have another 100 Allender cartoons in need of conservation that are available for adoption.

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Please note: The above link takes you directly to our online collection, click next record to continue viewing Allender cartoons. To check if an Allender has been adopted, please look above the description field; if the adopter’s name is listed it will appear there. If there is no such entry – the Allender is available for adoption.

If you are interested in adopting a Nina Allender cartoon or have further questions about our Adopt-an-Artifact campaign, please email or call 202-546-1210.