Lobby Room Table

Date(s): Circa 1890-1900
Material: Oak

This ornately carved oak table was used as the primary workspace for the National Woman’s Party’s (NWP) efforts toward women’s equality for more than four decades.  It was first installed in the Old Brick Capitol, and then transferred to the Alva Belmont House in 1929.

The table is five feet wide by five feet deep, with 3 leaves that can expand it to seven feet.  A Victorian French Renaissance design, it comprises a floral carved rim over a conforming carved apron.  Four corner legs and one central support leg are carved with floral and vegetation motifs.

One of the central furniture pieces of the NWP collection, the table became the center for lobbying activities; photographs demonstrate its use by members for filing, work space and phone stations.

The table originally belonged to Alva Belmont, NWP benefactor and president who donated it to the NWP.  Today the table is on display in the “Tactics and Strategies” Gallery.

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