John F. Kennedy Congressional Voting Card File

Date(s): 1954
Material: Paper

This Congressional Voting Interview Card documents the ERA voting record of Senator John F. Kennedy.  Kennedy was elected to the US senate in 1952 and served seven years before being elected President in 1960.

The Congressional Voting Card index was a database of political and personal information about members of Congress.  Used and reinvented several times throughout the fight for both suffrage and the Equal Rights Amendment, the Kennedy card was created as part of a complete set of information about Congress in 1953/54.  At the time a rider was attached to the ERA that would have essentially negated the amendment.  The NWP recreated the Congressional Voting Card file to track the status of and voting count for the ERA and the rider.  This set includes notes for every senator and representative from every state in office in the fall of 1953 and spring of 1954.  Due in part to the lobbying efforts of the NWP, the rider was defeated in 1954.

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