The Congressional Voting Card Index was a database of cards documenting the personal and professional lives of every member of Congress.

Multiple cards were kept on each person and in the 1920’s and 30’s, as the NWP lobbied Congress for the Equal Rights Amendment, they created interview cards that noted attitudes and opinions of Congressmen collected during meetings.  These notes from the interviews helped define lobbying strategies and priorities and served as reference for future NWP lobbyists visiting the same elected officials.

While most of the comments are mundane and expected: “Agrees, in support of the ERA” or “disagrees,” a few include amusing quotes or anecdotes:

Rep. Evans of Montana is quoted, in 1930 as in favor of the ERA because “if my mother was good enough to bear me, she is good enough to vote.  If she is good enough to vote, she is entitled to Equal Rights with men.”

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