Amy Tejral

Board Member

Amy Tejral, the other founding partner at Avenue Solutions, brings over a decade of experience in federal and state government relations.

Amy served as Legislative Director for Nebraska’s Senator Ben Nelson for nearly five years.  As LD, she oversaw the development and implementation of the Senator’s legislative agenda, with specific areas of focus including a pro-business agenda, education, appropriations, energy, and judiciary issues.  She also coordinated the Senator’s work on the Senate Commerce, Agriculture, and Armed Services Committees.  Amy also served as Senator Nelson’s liaison with the Senate Centrist Coalition and other bipartisan efforts such as the “Gang of 14” which were critical during a time of a closely divided senate.

Amy also had the honor of working for Senator Nelson during his tenure as Governor of Nebraska.  She served as Education Policy Advisor in the Governor’s Policy Research Office in 1996-97.  She served as the Governor’s education liaison to the Nebraska Department of Education as well as the Western and National Governors Associations.

In 1996, Governor Nelson along with Governor Mike Leavitt of Utah and Governor Roy Romer of Colorado co-founded Western Governors University (WGU).  After her service in the Nelson Administration, Amy served as Director of University Affairs for WGU for four years during the Leavitt Administration in Salt Lake City, Utah.  During this time she handled public relations, coordination of state relations with 19 member states and territories, and oversight of the WGU Board of Trustees and National Advisory Board.

Prior to her work in the United States Senate, Amy also worked for Don Wesely, Mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska rounding out her government and public policy experience at the local, state and federal levels.

Amy is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Nebraska College of Law.  She and her husband Mike Smith have two boys, Finnegan and Grady.