Declaring Equality: Then and Now

By: Una Corbett, Research Intern On November 11th, 1922—just two years after the passage of the 19th Amendment—the National Woman’s Party adopted the Declaration of Principles. This statement consisted of 28 objectives that outlined the NWP’s vision for the expansion … Continue reading

War on the Horizon, Pickets Stand Strong

In April of 1917, the United States entered World War I. Thousands of women across the country turned their attention to the war effort, serving in the military and supporting the government in other ways. Women worked as nurses, provided … Continue reading

A Break in the Picket Lines

After two months of almost daily picketing, culminating in the March 4th Grand Picket during the NWP’s annual convention in Washington, DC, the pickets temporarily ceased from at least March 7th until April 2nd. The NWP never publicly stated why … Continue reading

The #WomensMarch: Standing on the Shoulders of the Women Before Us

By: Kelsey Millay, Administration Coordinator As someone who works for the National Woman’s Party, it was especially spectacular to attend the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, January 21. Every day, I am lucky to have the chance to immerse … Continue reading

Picketing the White House in 1917

After the National Woman’s Party made significant efforts throughout 1916 to organize western women voters to oppose President Wilson and the Democrats in the upcoming election, Wilson was re-elected and the Democrats retained control of Congress, an outcome that was … Continue reading

Alva Belmont: Social Networking for Social Reform

By: Julia Klima, Collections Intern You probably already know that Alva Belmont made substantial financial contributions to the National Woman’s Party and the greater cause of women’s suffrage in the United States (Further background information on Alva can be found … Continue reading

Suffrage Campaign of 1916: A Battle of Narratives

By Jessica Konigsberg, Administration Manager In recognition of election month and our pledge to vote campaign, we return to the historic election of November 1916, a political opportunity that the newly founded National Woman’s Party leveraged toward a single platform: … Continue reading

Stepping Into the NWP Archives

By: Jennifer Krafchik, Deputy Director and Director of Strategic Initiatives Over a decade ago, I first stepped into the National Woman’s Party’s library and archives, or the Florence Bayard Hilles Feminist Library, not knowing that it would be the beginning … Continue reading

“We send into the world today a new paper:” The business and management of The Suffragist

By: Sarah Boonie Collections Education and Outreach Intern On November 15, 1913, Alice Paul used those nine words to introduce the new paper of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage (later the National Woman’s Party or NWP). Titled The Suffragist, … Continue reading

Before Universal Woman Suffrage: A “Crazy Quilt” of Towns, Counties, and States Where Women Held Partial Voting Rights and Became Candidates for Elective Office

By Jill Norgren and Wendy Chmielewski Historians have long focused on the American woman suffrage movement (1848-1920) as the crucial movement for women’s full citizenship. The meeting at Seneca Falls is celebrated, the exclusion of women from the guarantees of … Continue reading

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