Stepping Into the NWP Archives

By: Jennifer Krafchik, Deputy Director and Director of Strategic Initiatives Over a decade ago, I first stepped into the National Woman’s Party’s library and archives, or the Florence Bayard Hilles Feminist Library, not knowing that it would be the beginning … Continue reading

“We send into the world today a new paper:” The business and management of The Suffragist

By: Sarah Boonie Collections Education and Outreach Intern On November 15, 1913, Alice Paul used those nine words to introduce the new paper of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage (later the National Woman’s Party or NWP). Titled The Suffragist, … Continue reading

Before Universal Woman Suffrage: A “Crazy Quilt” of Towns, Counties, and States Where Women Held Partial Voting Rights and Became Candidates for Elective Office

By Jill Norgren and Wendy Chmielewski Historians have long focused on the American woman suffrage movement (1848-1920) as the crucial movement for women’s full citizenship. The meeting at Seneca Falls is celebrated, the exclusion of women from the guarantees of … Continue reading

Suffrage Not Needed: Notes on the anti-suffrage movement

By: Sarah Boonie Collections Education and Outreach Intern While voting rights for women are today seen as fundamental rights, there was a time when groups were actively campaigning against the passing of the 19th Amendment. The organized movement against women’s … Continue reading

The Next 100 Years

As we looked forward to this year of celebrating the centennial of the National Woman’s Party (founded in 1916) we invited you to join us in envisioning the next 100 years.  You’ve helped us share the story of the National … Continue reading

Introducing a “New Woman’s World:” the National Woman’s Party Convention in Chicago

By:  Enid Ocegueda, Collections Intern Described as a “woman suffrage cyclone” by the New York Tribune on June 6, 1916, the Woman’s Party Convention held in Chicago in June 1916 brought together women voters of the west to establish what we … Continue reading

Women on the $10 and $20

We are rejoicing with the news revealed by the U.S. Treasury that women will not only appear on the $10, but also on the $20 and the $5. This is a huge win for women everywhere and for history, as … Continue reading

The 1916 Suffrage Special: An Expedition to Form the National Woman’s Party

In April 1916, the officers of the Congressional Union, representing 36 un-enfranchised states, held a conference to discuss and debate a new strategy for securing the federal suffrage amendment by the end of that year. The officers and others in … Continue reading

The Lives of Suffragists: National Woman’s Party Early Years

Between 1913 and 1916, as the Congressional Committee (led by Alice Paul) founded first the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage and then the National Woman’s Party, women around the country were taking on intense, life-changing commitments under these organizational banners—all … Continue reading

Equal Nationality for Women: The Fine-Tuning of the Cable Act

Last September 22, we marked the passage of the Cable Act, which was signed into law on that day in 1922. The Cable Act significantly improved gender equality in nationality law by providing that American women would no longer lose … Continue reading

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