Monthly Archives: January 2014

Suffrage Garden

January- brr!  It’s chilly at SBHM; historic houses aren’t always the warmest places. On these cold days, it’s nice to plan ahead for the Spring and Summer. President Wilson as the sun, shines (glowers?) on an Allender Girl’s Suffrage Garden. … Continue reading

On Secretaries

I once asked my mother- when I was little- why the President had so many secretaries, and why did they live in cabinets?  She laughed, and told me the Cabinet wasn’t furniture, that the Secretaries were very important people. I … Continue reading

Inauguration Day

January 20 is traditionally “Inauguration Day.”  Last year, as I sat in my warm apartment, watching President Obama’s second inaugural address, I almost fell off my couch.  Why? Seneca Falls! President Obama said, “We, the people, declare today that the … Continue reading

January ’17

Today may be January 17, but in another January- January of ’17- the NWP left its headquarters at Cameron House to picket the White House.  The NWP was the first group to ever protest in front of the White House, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Alice!

No, not that Alice! Another Alice! Alice Pike Barney, born on this day in 1857, was a painter, suffrage activist, and founder of the Women’s Peace Party. Several members of the NWP were also members of the Women’s Peace Party, … Continue reading

Amelia’s Flight

NWP member Amelia Earheart made her first solo flight from Hawaii to North America today in 1935.  She was a dedicated supporter of the NWP until her disappearance, including regularly attending events. Here, she is celebrating in the SBHM gardens.

129 Reasons to Raise a Glass

Happy 129th Birthday, Alice Paul! Alice raises a glass to celebrate the 19th amendment If you’ve ever kept your own wages, kept your name after marriage, or cast a ballot, think of Alice. To Alice!

Celebrating Katie Couric

In 2008, Sewall-Belmont honored Katie Couric with the Alice Award.  Today is Katie’s birthday; won’t you join us in celebrating her? Debby McGinn, Katie Couric, and Peggy Cifrino Behind these remarkable women are some of our Nina Allender cartoons.  2014 … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Lucretia!

Lucretia Mott turns 221 today.  Happy birthday, Lucretia! bust by Adelaide Johnson, 1892. Part of me wants to write 221 reasons why Lucretia Mott is amazing, but if I had to pick just one: she was instrumental in organizing the … Continue reading