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Sharing the Story, Preserving the Legacy: A Video History of the National Woman’s Party

Just this March, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Alice Paul’s March for Woman Suffrage, and within this decade we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote.  Sharing this history has always been at the … Continue reading

Stay Safe!

Thanks to one of SBHM’s eagle-eyed friends, I recently learned about the Woman’s Suffrage Safe in New York City. Read all about it here. This safe has been locked for years, and tomorrow, a safe cracker will open it.  I … Continue reading

Emily Davison

Happy Emily Davison Day! Emily Davison was a British suffragette (fun fact: British activists are suffragettes, American activists are suffragists) who was a member of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU). In 1913, Emily attended the Epsom Derby, where … Continue reading

Women in Turning Points

When I first started picking women for the past few blog posts, I knew I wanted to include Abby Scott Baker.  We have a photograph of her on display in the house, but I couldn’t resist sharing this glamorous image … Continue reading

Great Women, Great History

Of the many members of the NWP over its nearly century long history, Matilda Gardener is one of my favorites: Matilda is one of the earliest members of the NWP, and was arrested several times.  She had connections to journalism, … Continue reading

Women in History

Selecting NWP members for these last few posts has been wonderful.  So many incredible, inspiring women have been involved in Turning Points in American History. Maud Younger, known as the Millionaire Waitress, was a labor and equal rights activist who … Continue reading

Celebrating Turning Points

National History Day is an annual contest devoted to the study of American history.  With its theme of Turning Points this year, we wanted to celebrate some lesser known NWP members who made important contributions to American history. Catherine Flanagan … Continue reading

Happy National History Day!

This year’s National History Day celebrates Turning Points in History.  Women have always been involved in politics, but in the days leading up to National History Day, we wanted to highlight some of the accomplishments of NWP members who made … Continue reading