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A Record-breaking Senator

Did you know that the first female United States Senator served for just 24 hours? Her name was Rebecca Latimer Felton, and when she served the people of Georgia in the fall of 1922, she was 87 years old. This … Continue reading

The Woman Who Started it All

Though she died many years before the 19th amendment was ratified, Susan B. Anthony played as pivotal a role in securing a woman’s legal right to vote as any of the members of the National Woman’s Party. Anthony began to … Continue reading

The NWP and the New Deal

In the 1930’s the National Woman’s Party was busy lobbying for the Equal Rights Amendment and working to overturn discriminatory laws. Much of this work was focused on the discriminatory laws of the New Deal. One historian called the New … Continue reading

Because Mom Voted

In her 2006 address to the Celebrating Inspiration luncheon honoring the WNBA ‘s All-Decade team, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright asserted that “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” Women can help … Continue reading

One women’s voice on her one vote

One gallon of gas cost 91 cents while a movie ticket was $3.50. A postage stamp was 24 cents and a dozen eggs 65 cents. What year was this? It was 1988. During that year I witnessed a lot of … Continue reading

Why I vote in D.C.

I am a registered voter in the District of Columbia, and it is a political statement.  Voting in D.C. means I am a U.S. citizen with fewer constitutional rights than my friends who live and vote in the 50 other … Continue reading

Remember the Ladies

During the spring of 1776, our Founding Fathers were hard at work in planning a declaration of independence from England. In a March 31st, letter to her husband, John, Abigail Adams wrote: “I long to hear that you have declared … Continue reading